Why I became a Financial Advisor

Published by Cody Hildebrand

I have been playing basketball since I was the age of 5.  I enjoy being part of a team that is working together for the common goal; to win and get better each and every day.

In high-school, I realized the value of team.  The better we got working as a team, the more games we won.  I also realized that a great coach cannot only help a team win by playing together, the coach should have the ability to hone in on what individual skills need to be worked on as your role on the team.

With my Finance Degree, I knew I did not want to be sitting in a back-office crunching numbers all day.  I knew I wanted to help individuals establish goals and help them move closer to achieving those goals.

Upon graduating, I explored various opportunities and found myself in a career development training program and studying at an insurance company; which was one that offered insurance and investment products.

The more I learned about the industry, the more I realized that everything should be focused around the client.  That has to be the single focus of all decisions. In order to do this, I felt that I did not want to be restricted to a single companies’ products and services when there is a wide range of client needs and unique situations.

I truly believe the agents and the clients need to know where all the fees are coming from.  There is an apparent conflict among what is good for the client vs. what is good for the company.  It is up to the client and the broker to read the 100+ page of the prospectus to calculate all the fees.

I found the team that shared the same vision and process that I was comfortable offering to not only my friends and family, but for myself.

The relationships formed at Schlipman Wealth Advisors are started from a holistic planning approach which often times do not consist of investing.  If planning contains investment management, clients are working with the entire team and the investment solutions through our Partner Group do not contain commissions.  Straight forward communication regarding investment management along with the cost of doing business are presented prior to implementation.

Schlipman Wealth Advisors has a strategic partnership with Carson Partners and they have grown to over  6 billion assets under management. Ron Carson, the CEO of Carson was honored to be one of two advisors in the Barron’s Inaugural Hall of Fame and to be ranked 13 out of thousands of advisors on the Forbes* list of America’s Top Wealth Advisors.

I knew that by surrounding myself with like-minded individuals, we could deliver Trust, Transparency and Accountability with the relentless pursuit to help our clients Win!


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