The Simple Road Toward Financial Freedom Book

The Simple Road Toward Financial Freedom

Author and Financial Advisor Mark Schlipman’s book, The Simple Road Toward Financial Freedom was co-authored by Steve Short and has a forward by Will Ferrell. This Amazon Best Seller in the comparative economics category is packed with actionable steps leading to wealth accumulation.

The Simple Road Toward Financial Freedom Book

Have Questions About Building Wealth and Independence?

Building wealth doesn’t have to be complicated. The easy strategies in this book simplify money concepts and make the journey to wealth accumulation less intimidating.

What Will You Learn From This Book?

  • Wealth Accumulation Strategies: Realize that accumulating wealth doesn’t always require saving a million dollars upfront, opening up new possibilities for financial growth
  • How To Implement the 50/20/30 Financial Model: Discover a practical approach to managing your finances, ensuring you allocate your income effectively
  • The Importance of Delayed Gratification: Learn the art of delayed gratification and how it can lead to greater financial security and long-term wealth
  • How To Maximize “Free Money:” Uncover strategies for leveraging opportunities that provide “free money,” helping you accelerate your path to financial freedom

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Why We Wrote This Book

Financial advisor Mark Schlipman and corporate executive Steve Short combined their knowledge for this insightful book. Mark’s 25+ years of experience as a financial advisor and Steve’s corporate experience created a book that simplifies financial topics that are typically considered complicated.

About the Authors

Mark Schlipman

Steve Short has decades of experience leading ultra-successful multibillion-dollar B2B and B2C divisions throughout the travel, technology, insurance, legal and retail industries. He was CMO of one of the world’s largest family law firms and prior to that, was an Officer at Enterprise Holdings, where he spent the majority of his 28-year career setting the strategy & running the $3B+ leisure travel division. Steve and his wife have 3 adult children.

Steve Short is not an affiliate of Cetera Advisor Networks, LLC, or CWM, LLC.

Mark Schlipman

Mark Schlipman is a Financial Advisor and founder of Schlipman Wealth Advisors, with locations in KS, MO, and IL, and a strategic partner with Carson Partners, which has 140+ Partner Firms and 430+ total Advisors. Mark is an Accredited Investment Fiduciary Professional and a Certified Exit Planning Advisor. Mark and his wife have 2 adult children and a dog named Zeus.

Enjoy The Simple Road Toward Financial Freedom