Let’s Talk About Midterm Elections and Your Investments

This week was midterm elections and we’ve had many questions about what it all could mean, which we’ll tackle in today’s blog. We consider it a great honor to vote, and while we may not know the final results of the election for days (or even months), what we do know is the election will …

Considering Tax Loss Harvesting? What You Need to Know First

Kevin Oleszewski, CFP® Senior Wealth Planner As the tax year draws to a close, many high-income investors will look to reposition their portfolios to intentionally generate losses as a way to offset gains — an investment strategy known as tax loss harvesting.

Why I became a Financial Advisor

Published by Cody Hildebrand I have been playing basketball since I was the age of 5.  I enjoy being part of a team that is working together for the common goal; to win and get better each and every day.

What Makes Us Different Than the Major Wealth Management Firms

Several times over the past year, I’ve been asked how our firm is different from the largest wealth management firms. My experience in reviewing countless investment statements from these companies has led me to believe our major differentiator comes down to our relentless commitment to tra …

It Takes A Team

Published by Mark Schlipman It Takes a Team: Taking the long view in a short-sighted system Recently, I spoke with a physician who was stunned that his colleagues did not have adequate money for retirement. Incredulously, he said to me, “You take a person who earns $400,000 per year and mul …

Lessons on Living Fully

Published by Mark Schlipman After a recent visit with a client whose husband had just lost his courageous battle with cancer, I began to reflect on the last conversations I have shared with clients and friends who have passed away.

Halftime of Life

Published by Mark Schlipman As I turned 43 this month, I was inspired to take a hard look at where I am in my life compared to where I want to be. Often, my age is considered middle age. Could I live to 86? It’s very possible. So, if I am at the halftime of …

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