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Meet Amanda

Amanda Kasparie joined the Schlipman Wealth Advisors team in May of 2021. As a Client Service Associate, Amanda will be the first person you encounter at Schlipman Wealth. Her work ethic, top-notch organization and friendly personality are an asset to our firm.

Amanda lives in Ursa, Illinois. She has 4 children at home– Hannah, Morgan, Caleb and Carter. She, along with the help of family and friends, recently started the “JBird’s Classic Good Days and Better Days Golf Outing” in memory of her late husband, Jason. Each year a high school student from Liberty High School, where Jason graduated and Unity High School, where Jason’s children attend, will be awarded a scholarship to further their education.

Amanda enjoys camping, spending time with family and friends, reading and traveling.

Favorite Food:


Favorite Holiday:


Favorite Movie:

Sweet Home Alabama

Biggest Accomplishment:

Four Fantastic Kids

Favorite Quote:

“Never have a bad day. Always have good days and better days.” Jason “Jbird” Kasparie